One of the most reliable predictors of student achievement and engagement has been shown to be the student-teacher ratio. The fewer kids caregivers have, the better equipped they are to tailor their instruction to the individual learning styles of the kids they teach. Lower ratios mean reduced caregiver workload and class management, allowing them to concentrate more on instruction caliber and individual needs.

Classroom ratios aren’t limited in importance to caregivers but to the kids as well. Kids are more likely to feel at ease expressing their needs, and asking questions in a smaller group. That is why small ratios offer extra support particularly for kids who might be encountering difficulties and challenges.

 As a licensed provider, we adhere to and implement the recommendations prepared by child care licensing. For more information on regulations please refer to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. for more details. 


Tuition charges are a fixed rate amongst all our programming. Sometimes our fee for service comes in the forms of payment from
families, childcare subsidies, and grants from MDE and other governmental agencies. Payments from families are considered tuition-based programming and we accept cash, credit, Venmo, Zelle, and checks. Payment dues are individualized per family. Typically, weekly schedules work best but other accommodations are made to meet the needs of families.

Child Development and Care (DHS-CDC)

We are a childcare provider that cares for subsidy authorized children, going above and beyond childcare expectations. Billing for this program happens every two weeks to
receive payments from the MDE. Although the CDC may allow retroactive billing, our center policy will not back pay/reimburse
any newly approved families. Upon enrollment, children must be DHS approved and in the system prior to their first day. If you are a
family that has been newly approved, and your child has been attending we will not back pay previous months, the present tuition
balance will be billed via CDC and any co-pays will be the responsibility of the family.

GSRP eligible DHS families are not billed during the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm