Hey KKLC Families, 

As we kick off 2024, I’ve been thinking a lot about our awesome journey together at Kreative Kids Learning Center. It’s not just about the fun classes and cool activities but the amazing community we’ve built. This year, I want to make our bond even stronger, starting with the topic of “change.” 

Change is something everyone goes through in life. It’s not just a word; it’s a big deal that shapes who we are. Whether you’re a parent trusting us with your kids or a student trying out something new, change is a part of our story. 

Let me be real with you; I know change can be both exciting and tough. I’ve seen the joy in a kid’s face when they discover new things in our center. I’ve also seen the mixed feelings when parents leave their little ones with us. 

Change is a way we grow, for both kids and adults. Just like our little ones learn, explore, and make new friends, we, as parents and teachers, deal with the challenges of raising and educating. It requires patience, resilience, and most importantly, trust – trust in the process and in each other. 

Our center isn’t just about learning; it’s a place where emotions and friendships grow. Change helps kids learn about being tough, adapting, and finding the good in new situations. These are skills that will help them in life, not just in class. 

And us adults? We face changes too, like switching jobs, moving houses, or even adding a new family member. Each change has its own challenges, but just like our kids, we can learn, grow, and come out stronger. 

So, as we start this new year together, let’s celebrate changes – big and small. Let’s enjoy the moments of growth, the friendships we make, and the strength we find. KKLC is more than a learning place; it’s a community that supports each other through the ups and downs. 

Thanks for letting us take care of your little ones and being part of our KKLC family. Here’s to a year of facing changes, growing, and enjoying the awesome journey we’re on. 


Nawal Alsaeed 

Partner and head of programs 

Kreative Kids Learning Center